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  • helentao 12:15 am on June 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    i had a busy, busy day today. some friends and i made plans to go kayaking in la jolla since we got a great deal. so i dragged dj with me so that we could make use of our zoo membership since we’d already be in san diego. kayaking was so much fun…jenn and sal probably agree :) the bad thing is that i dont have any pictures because it would be pretty amazing if i could kayak and take pictures at the same time. i have lots of pictures from the san diego wild animal park though! so onto that we go….

    finally there! it was so chilly while kayaking…but nice and sunny at the park. i was pretty excited since ive never been to the wild animal park. (sidenote. not a good idea to go anywhere that involves lots of walking after you’ve kayaked for 2 hours. apparently youre more tired than you think)

    going on a safari! the hats make it official.

    im pretty sure this is a toucan.

    crowned crane.

    blue macaw. love the color of the bird…its so bold! the macaw almost looks fake…but its real.

    hehe these macaws are hanging upside down and “kissing”. very cute.

    so dj and i were very tired from kayaking. so we decided we would go on the journey into africa tour which is included with our membership (saves money…and a great way to see the animals without walking). one of the great things about the wild animal park is seeing the animals in a somewhat natural environment. its nice that they have so much space to run around in.

    im pretty sure this is a deer. we werent on the tour yet…so i cant be sure.

    remember from my zoo trip i showed you the lesser flamingos? well these are the greater flamingos…gonna be honest and say that they look pretty much the same to me.

    rhino. i think this one is called the black rhino. yes, its not black. but i dont name the animals…i just attempt to take pictures of them.


    i think this is a heron of some sort.

    i think the tour guide said this was a gazelle. to be honest, the gazelles, antelopes, deers, etc. etc. all look the same to me :( and it doesnt help that they like to all be in the same general area…

    bison. the tour guide said they are the second most dangerous animal in africa. the first? the hippo of course. anyone who has watched congo knows that. haha who remembers that movie?

    giraffe. not as fun as seeing them up close and feeding them.

    pelican feeding another pelican. kinda cool and disgusting at the same time.

    zebras. they get their own area because apparently they are very territorial and get agressive/harrass the other animals if they are in the same area. who knew?? they looked so nice and friendly.

    lazy cheetah.

    lazy rhinos. everyone gets lazy when its hot…

    super lazy lion!!! can you believe its sleeping on the car? how cute is that??





    thats the end of our safari adventure. until next time!

  • helentao 11:51 pm on May 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    recently, i bought a zoo membership to the san diego zoo so my fiance would take me. i was so excited because zoo = many photo opportunities! even though we didn’t get to see everything, i got a lot of pictures (like 300!). needless to say, i had a very hard time picking my favorites. in a few weeks we’re going to go to the wild animal park (admission to both is included for a whole year with membership) so more animal pictures to come :)

    zebra. <3animal prints

    fishing cat. kinda cool…feline that likes to swim. and look how pretty it’s coat is!

    otter. what a cute little guy

    koala. he sleeps exactly like me!

    polar bear. he likes eating carrots and grapes

    peacock! it came right up to us so we got a lot of up close pictures. so beautiful!

    i think this is a deer of some sort. i know that isn’t the right name….but i couldnt remember what it is exactly. i love the white stripes on the body.

    doe, a deer, a female deer. sorry, i couldn’t help it. this little one was stretching…then it trotted away. so cute!

    flamingo. makes me think of alice in wonderland. i loved how beautiful and graceful they look. and it’s pretty cool when they stand on one leg and do all these weird contortions with their body.

    lesser flamingo. no joke! this really is called a lesser flamingo. kinda sad…mother nature makes you less pink, then man comes along and adds “lesser” to the front of your name. irregardless, still very pretty.

    hugging monkeys. they were really cute. running around and playing. one of them would push the other one off the little platform they were on and then run around chasing him. but in the end, they hugged it out :)

    this monkey has a mohawk!

    two funny looking orangutans.

    orangutan and me! i was up against the glass and he came up to me and just sat there in front of me. so cute. he hung out for a while then moved along…i decided i wanted a picture so i followed him. he was gracious enough to stop and smile for me :)

    giraffe!!!! i forgot to wear my giraffe print shirt today :(

    and hands down my favorite part of the day…

    i got to feed it!!!!!!!!!

    i have a ton of other pictures, but i’ll leave it at this for now. ill be posting pictures from my wild safari in a few weeks! :)

    • wendy 11:08 am on May 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hehehe. yay! first to see! lol. =P Love the pic of you and orangutan! and the mohawk monkey! hahaa. very cute!

    • j6tran 11:01 pm on May 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      that black monkey with a mohawk ate a yellow bird when i saw it. w and i saw it pick out the feathers and stick it in its mouse and the bird was still flapping for its life. true story.

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