this is a shared photography blog detailing the adventures of jenn, hel, and sal as they set off on a mission to shoot anything and everything. man or woman, dead or alive, moving or unmoving. but only for 2 hours a week (because… well, they’re busy people, ya’ know?). from amateurs to pros? only time, and this blog, will tell. each week will be a new project. images will be posted and thoughts will be shared.

she is always bored and has been drained of all creativity from her mind. the world of googling has turned her brain into mush and she is getting close to losing the ability to think for herself. she’s tired of wasting her time searching the endless trenches of the internet landscape for nothing in particular, so she’s pulling herself together and stepping out her front door with her dslr (or is it just an slr?), ready to point and shoot. maybe later, she’ll understand the concepts behind a perfect image; but for now, it’s point, shoot, and pray for the perfect snapshot.

jenn is shooting with her nikon d50.

hel probably hates being called hel, but jenn doesn’t care. she’s changed her name for the sake of simplicity and one syllable-ism!

helEN enjoys everything art. So when jenn came up with the idea of photoblogging, she quickly jumped onboard. Though quite inexperienced with her camera (she only got it to document her love of doing wedding flowers), she figured this could be her chance to make it big (only kidding). Follow her, jenn and sal as every week brings them a new adventure!

i know sal hates being called sal! but note what i said above in hel’s bio!

(helen) i would like to add that it’s safe to say that sal is often in her own little world where cows can lay eggs. it’s okay if you’re confused, sal will gladly explain how that last statement is possible to you.

i think that’s enough of what helen has to say about sally. what does sally have to say about sally? a few years ago, sally wrote a list of dreams and things she wants to do in life.  one of them was to swim with dolphins. given that she currently cannot swim yet, she doubts she will be swimming with flipper anytime soon so let’s try another thing that’s on her list. she wishes to have her own gallery one day, so why not start here today… with her friends

Helen and Sal are both shooting with their Nikon d60s