happy birthday to me!

i think i had mentioned this a while ago…but i had given up my birthday to throw a party for my friend mai who was moving to boston (we miss you!). soooo due to my busy schedule, oct 23rd was my first open weekend to plan a bday event! it was nice…ive never had a fall birthday before :)

i had asked my friends to come rock climbing with me….only sal and jenn had gone with me before but i love it and i wanted to share it with them too!

jenn couldn’t stay for dinner so she came a bit earlier so that she could go with me to get lunch. i was waiting for her to get here….and all of a sudden i hear “happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

how sweet right? jenn woke up super early to make me cupcakes from scratch. chocolate on chocolate of course. thanks jenn!!!!!

kind of funny because jenn was telling me how she talked herself into really, really believing it was my birthday this weekend (i was born in mid-july….)

so off to milk + honey we went. got there….and surprise!!!!! sal and mai are there! (boston mai and thao were on the phone) i was really surprised. so surprised that i didnt get to take any pictures….but you can see them on sal’s blog here.

milk + honey…always wanted to go get shaved ice there…didn’t get a chance to because of the hoopla going on.

this is just a great picture. one year on our way to vegas, we played chubby bunny. can you guess who won?

after milk + honey, we went over to rockreation to climb.

thao :) she really liked it

sal climbing. thao thought that sal would want an extra push to get her going :))

better angle :)))))

jenn climbing. i know jenn loves it. (sorry she’s a bit blurry :( )

thats me! didnt/couldnt climb some of the harder ones. :(

mai climbing. so funny. mai volunteered herself to go first. and when she finished the first climb, our belayer (person who’s holding your rope at the bottom) told mai to let go of the wall so she could be lowered…”i dont want to!!!” in a cute whiny voice. hahahah

after climbing we went to shabu shabu….but will have to get those pics from sal!

thanks girls for coming with me!!! i hope you guys had fun :))))