rock climbing

continuing with the trend of using groupon, i had seen one for outdoor rock climbing and decided to buy it. i asked sal and jenn to buy it also since theyve been climbing indoors with me before. i was super excited to finally (!!!) get to go outdoors. jenn couldnt go with us but sallys friend who is also now my friend (its facebook official) john came alone with us.

not gonna lie…all week i was stressing about this trip. what if i hated it? everyone that i climb with told me that theres absolutely no way i would hate it….but who knows right?!

sally and john drove from la to pick me up then we headed to sd.

here we are at mission trails regional park. we got here pretty early since sal needed extra time in case she got lost. the good news is we didnt. the bad news is we had 30+ minutes to kill.

so sally posed with the bobcat. very sexy sal

we climbed with a guide from front range climbing company. our guide, diego, was absolutely amazing. hes been climbing for about 17 years! definitely a good person to go climbing with if you’re inexperienced.

the hike up to where we were going to climb was pretty steep. i think the hike is the hardest part for me because im so, so afraid of heights. its ironic that i feel fine climbing a 50 ft wall but cant hike up (or down) a mountain. weird.

i think by the time we started hiking it was about 9:15 or 9:30. already getting pretty warm…and unfortunately when we got up there a lot of the (easier) routes were already taken. we kept walking and finally settled into the climbing area called “limbo”.

this was our wall. we had two topropes setup….one on this side, which was a 5.7 and then one on the other side which was a “5.7”. the other side was just a very large crack and very few features. i thought it was a lot harder than a 5.7…or 5.10. took me forever to finish the climb on the other side. this one was great though.

look at sally go :)

johns life is in sallys hands right now….seriously.

john at the top of the crack climb. he didnt get to go onto the other side but he did this one twice!

so diego told us about this other climb that was on the face of the rock. one of the other climbers in our group was going to try it so i figured i would give it a try too! it was quite ambitious….this climb was a 5.11d and i’ve only ever done up to a 5.10a. so i set my goal at reaching the halfway point.

fail. hiding my head in shame :( so close. took a break then tried it again.

made it! (yay!!) i couldnt go any further because i couldnt figure out the next move and i wanted to give the other climber a go before we had to leave. still proud of myself for doing it…i didnt think i would make it.

diego doing the climb that i couldnt.

we definitely had a lot of fun climbing. i have bruises and scrapes to show for it.

after we left, we drove to the counter in carlsbad to eat. john and i have never been there before, but sal has.

i cant even remember what i had on my burger. it was huge!

and last but not least. i got a pretty disgusting tanline from my sports bra. but it doesnt beat sals.

hope it was worth it! :)