san diego

so dj and i had taken a trip down to san diego because I had purchased a groupon to go snorkeling (actually, I had purchased the groupons…without me dj probably wouldnt do anything). since we were there, we decided to stop by and see jenn for a bit…its been a while since ive seen her.

i cant remember the name of the place we went to for sandwiches…but it was yum! i think it was called com pane? as we were leaving, we saw across the street a sign that said “chocolates”. we were immediately drawn in. turns out the place makes truffles so we bought 6 pieces and shared.

delicious looking no? lets see if i can remember what they are. starting from the top left corner going clockwise. rose champagne truffle, expresso truffle, whiskey truffle, sea salt truffle, green tea truffle, lavender truffle.

we also got a frozen hot chocolate. it was yum.


thanks jenn for taking us “around sd”. haha