i love flowers

So since Jenn suggested we start this blog, we decided that the best way to get started would be to pick a topic once a week and STICK TO IT (very important). i decided that flowers would be fun to shoot because 1. they stay pretty still and 2. i love flowers (yay for wedding season coming up!)

Unfortunately, i didn’t have time to go out and find flowers to shoot so i had to stick with whatever i had in my house and backyard. In hindsight, i probably should’ve just gone to the garden center at my local Home Depot…they have a great selection of flowers!

But enough with the text, onto some pictures!

I’m glad that Jenn learned about F-stops on this project. i’m also slowly getting used to all the functions on my camera and hopefully we’ll both be eventually skilled enough to use everything. Most of my images above are unedited…can you tell which ones?